Escapade in Vibrant | Wallpaper Mural on Matte Uncoated

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Product Details
  • Substrate - Uncoated Non-Woven
  • How to Order - By the roll
  • Roll Width - 210cm
  • Drop Width - 70cm
  • Drop Height - 300cm
  • Repeat - 840cm - sideways

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Please note that our A3-sized samples are just a glimpse of the whole panoramic wallcovering, in terms of colour and content.

They are intended primarily to showcase the substrate quality and feel of colour.

On the reverse, you'll find detailed product specifications and an annotated illustration of the whole mural.

Hanging Instructions

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A Tapestry of Adventure Beckons

Escapade's Origin

When it came to creating Escapade, our collective vision was very clear. Our aim is to transport you to an exotic oasis where the urge to venture in is irresistible. We've often referred to Escapade as our 'Indiana Jones' design with it's expansive landscape and sense of adventure.

Your space will be brought to life with its exuberant playfulness, its lush foliage engulfing you, its flowers unfurling before your eyes and the vibrant and thriving wildlife. The story of Escapade shines through, with every element harmoniously blending to create a tantalizing sensory extravaganza.

Escapade is a testament to the finesse of our craft - the masterful manipulation of scale and depth, delicate interplays of light and shadow, how all aspects seamlessly intertwine to create pure magic.

So dust off your cowboy boots and get ready to journey through Escapade.