Resplendence in Dusk | Wallpaper Mural on Grasscloth

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Product Details
  • Substrate - Sisal Grasscloth Non-Woven
  • How to Order - By the roll
  • Roll Width - 170cm
  • Drop Width - 85cm
  • Drop Height - 300cm
  • Repeat - 850cm - sideways

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Please note that our A3-sized samples are just a glimpse of the whole panoramic wallcovering, in terms of colour and content.

They are intended primarily to showcase the substrate quality and feel of colour.

On the reverse, you'll find detailed product specifications and an annotated illustration of the whole mural.

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A Sprawling Wild Floral Fantasy

Introducing Resplendence

Enter Resplendence, an absolute floral explosion!

Bringing it back to our roots, we couldn't resist showcasing the very essence of our studio's origins, our most honed style that makes our design house well known - the timeless art of florals.

It would be unjust if we launched without paying homeage to where it all began - Geoff, painting away his lunch breaks with flowers at his first job as an apprentice at 16.

Resplendence embodies our deep understanding of design principles, the play of light and shadow, depth, colour harmony, scale, layout and the understanding of natures growth. These components, when meticulously woven together result in these exquisite, opulent, and most luscious blooms with the overall design bathing in sheer radiance.

Oozing indulgence and evoking pure drama, Resplendance has an undeniable allure, with it's flowers flourishing out of the design, their petals so delicate, while the abundance of greenery beckons you to explore it's vibrant depths.

It's a truly bedazzling mural to wrap around your room!